Monday, October 10, 2016

#18 ~ Little Sugar Cakes (Sykur Kaka) ~ Iceland (page 117)

Baking two weeks in a row! I'm setting some kind of a record here.  This week's cookie is Little Sugar Cakes - light, almond-flavoured sugar cookies popular in Iceland.

The dough is often tinted with food colouring to produce pastel-shaded cookies but I opted to keep it simple and leave the dough as it was since I'm not a big fan of food colouring. I did decorate them with some sugar crystals and rainbow sprinkles so they wouldn't look so plain.

This was a really easy dough to prepare in the stand mixer and then roll out between sheets of waxed paper. It's always fun to get a chance to use cookie cutters and this time I decided to make teapots. I misjudged and ended up rolling the dough thicker than the recommended 1/8", more like 1/4" so the cookies took a bit longer to bake but they were still nice and crisp with a subtle almond flavour. I would definitely make this recipe again.


  1. Oh these look so good! I love almond flavour. Love the teapot shapes.

  2. I like almonds in any way & I have just bought a batch of almond flour to try & give gluten free cookies a go & time to try out that new tea pot cookie cutter. I wonder if these cookies would hold up to royal icing (that heavy icing I see on so many store bought fancy cookies). Looking forward to more recipe reviews.

  3. I ate some of these for breakfast. ;)