Wednesday, October 5, 2016

#17 ~ Swedish Gingersnaps (Ingefarspepparkakor) ~ Sweden (page 135)

Okay, time to climb back on the cookie wagon after Jen left me this comment on my last blog post - all in fun, of course - "Making an inquiry as to when you will be baking again? Not only looking forward to a post but also a taste testing of your delicious creations. ;-)" So the answer to the question is, I baked today. :-)

I figured I'd bake something spicy that Robert might enjoy so he won't be complaining (all in fun, of course) that my baking sucks. So, Swedish Gingersnaps it is - a snap to mix up this spicy dough with a touch of cocoa in it; a breeze to roll the dough into little balls and squish them down with the bottom of a sugar-dipped glass; then 10 minutes in the oven and call it done.

A simple cookie with a nice spicy flavour that goes very well with a cup of tea. And, I think maybe Robert liked them.

Up Next: who knows what or especially when!

1 comment:

  1. These were so good, especially with tea time. I ate way too many of these last week. Good thing there is stretch in my jeans!