Wednesday, April 6, 2016

#15 ~ Ginger Nuts ~ Australia (page 250)

So I'm back at this after more than a year.  Yikes. It may take me a lifetime to bake my way through this book at the rate I'm going, but whatever.

I realized that part of what was keeping me from doing this project was 1) the thought of doing these blog posts although I really do want to have a record of this adventure and 2) mostly the thought of having to take the photos for the post. I really do not enjoy taking pictures.

So Jen suggested that she would take the pictures for me since I always bring her some of the cookies to try and I decided I'll just write quick basic posts to document the recipe. No more long tales.

That said, this week's cookie was Ginger Nuts from Australia. I finally got to use some of my Golden Syrup that I found at Bulk Barn. This is a thick sugar cane syrup which originates from the UK. The label on the jar shows a bizarre drawing of a dead lion with bees buzzing around him and the quote "out of the strong came forth sweetness". Weird, but it's apparently a biblical reference although no one is sure of its significance to this product.

Anyway, the dough mixed up really quickly although it was very dry and took a bit of work to form into ball shapes. The cookies, although not much to look at, had a nice spicy flavour and the golden syrup did add a unique-tasting sweetness to them. They were nice with the lemon-grapefruit green tea we drank with them.

Up Next: I have no idea. I'm not planning that far ahead.

Postscript (April 11, 2016): While I was reading Voyager by Diana Gabaldon last night before going to sleep, I came across this:

Fiona's curly dark head poked through the study doorway, interrupting the excitement. "There's fresh ginger-nut biscuits, just baked." The scent of warm ginger came into the study with her, wafting enticingly from her apron.

I found it amusing to read this, knowing exactly what they were having with their tea and cocoa!

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