Monday, February 2, 2015

#14 ~ Pecan Lace Cookies ~ United States (page 52)

I'm trying to figure out what to say about these "cookies" and all I can come up with so far is that they are the weirdest cookie I have ever made in my life. The recipe book refers to them as "rich with the taste of brown sugar, butter, and pecans", "fragile, brittle-crisp wafers", and "so lacy and thin you can see right through them". They are indeed all that, which I suppose means that I made them correctly, but these don't qualify as cookies in my opinion. More like some sort of candy - very sugary, and as you eat them the sugar tends to become sticky and I worry that I might lose a filling in the process. Anyway, here's how the whole adventure went down this morning...

Boil butter, add corn syrup, brown sugar and salt. Remove from heat and stir in oatmeal, flour, vanilla and toasted pecans. Very simple really, and within minutes you have little globs of rather wet, gooey "dough" on your baking sheet, spaced very far apart since they will spread with abandon all over the place, which means you can only bake nine cookies at a time.

At this point I'll mention that I followed the given instructions to grease the sheet even though a little voice in my head was saying, "You know, parchment paper really seems like a better idea for this sort of thing." But I ignored the voice because I tend to do what people tell me and if the book said grease, then grease it was. Which led me to a pan of cookies that wanted to stay there instead of making the journey to my cooling racks. 

I tried warming the cookies in the oven for a minute or two as the book suggested but this didn't help in any way. As I tried to lift them the edges folded in (you can see the evidence above) and the centers sort of disappeared so that there was a hole in middle of each cookie. By this point I was feeling quite discouraged and didn't even think to take a photo of that mess.  I persevered and baked yet another batch on a greased pan with much the same result and finally that little voice in my head yelled at me, "Hey you! Forget what the recipe book says and use some parchment paper!", which I did and this time I ended up with a sheet of cookies that I could just peel from the paper once they'd cooled. Genius. Although the evidence here clearly shows why you're instructed to "spoon dough by very small teaspoonfuls". I was a bit over-zealous with my portioning here but I was getting tired of these cookies by now and just wanted to have the whole experience behind me as quickly as possible.

I was also supposed to make a chocolate glaze to drizzle over the cooled wafers but somehow I just didn't feel that these cookies were deserving of that chocolate. It seemed like a waste even though I generally live by the motto that chocolate makes everything better. These cookies didn't even deserve my usual "cookies on a plate" photo! LOL

Next Up: Orange Meltaways

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  1. Oh don't you hate it when baking gets crazy like that. They do look very thin because I can see the cooling rack through the cookies. Hey, if they're sweet, I'm game to try them! I also like pecans.